Adam Silver (Education)

Commissioner Of The NBA

Undergraduate Education: Political Science
Graduate Education: Law

Silver majored in political science at Duke University. When reflecting on his time as undergrad Silver said, “It was at Duke that I developed a deeper passion and appreciation for the game of basketball. I also learned about the power of great brands and the importance of a passionate fan base. And of course my political science degree comes in handy when I’m negotiating with the Chinese Sports Authority!” At a speech for the Duke Political Science Department, Silver said that politics and sports are very connected as sports are something that are so universally appreciated that for one to be the head of a huge sports institution like the NBA, one must have a good understanding of politics if they want to reach out to foreign markets. Silver later went on to complete a law degree at The University of Chicago.  After finishing law school Silver went on to work at several different law firms before joining the NBA.