Barack Obama (Education)

44th President Of The United States

Undergraduate Education: Political Science
Graduate Education: Law

Obama started off his academic career at Occidental College. Obama claimed to have been inspired by many of the professors there. Obama also made his first political speech at Occidental College where he was attempting to persuade the Occidental Board of Trustees to divest the college of its investment from apartheid South Africa. Obama later transferred out of Occidental College to Columbia where he finished off his undergrad majoring in political science with a specialization in international relations. After graduating from Columbia, Obama went to work for Business International Corporation. Several years later Obama returned to school to complete his post-grad. Obama studied at Harvard University’s Law School. At Harvard, Obama became President of the Harvard Law Review, which gained him a lot of publicity. While he was at Harvard, Obama was also working at Sidley & Auston law firm as an associate where he met his wife Michelle.