Bill Clinton (Education)

42nd President Of The United States

Undergraduate Education: International Affairs
Graduate Education: Law

Clinton studied at Georgetown University on a scholarship where he earned a degree in international affairs. During his undergrad he was the student council president during his freshman and sophomore year. Clinton was at Georgetown during the Vietnam War and he became very involved in the social movement opposing the war. During his third year he worked for Senator J. William Fulbright at the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Fulbright was also heavily opposed to the Vietnam War and this experience heavily influenced Clinton’s views and goals in life. Clinton went on to receive the Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. Clinton studied at Oxford for two years and was nearly sent off to fight in Vietnam at one point during those two years, he eventually ended up making his way to Yale University’s Law School on a scholarship. At Yale, Clinton met his future wife Hilary Rodham. During one summer off from school the pair worked together for George McGovern’s presidential campaign in Texas. After he graduated from Yale Clinton went on to lecture at the University of Arkansas’s Law School and entered the world of politics.