Dana White (education)

Founder Of The UFC

Undergraduate Education: Business (DROPOUT)

White studied at the University of Massachusetts where he was a business major. He dropped out after just a semester, as he did not like school and already knew the career path that he wanted. When discussing what he thought about college White said, “I think the biggest problem with young people is that a lot of young people don’t know what they want to do. Even when they go to college they’re like ‘yea, I’m a Political Science major,’ and then you talk to them a month later and they’re like ‘oh, I’m a Economics major.’ You know, they keep changing because they don’t know what they want to do. A lot of kids go to college because their parents say ‘you’re gunna go to college and were gunna pay for it.’ They say ‘all right, I’ll go over there and hang out for four years and figure out what I want to do. The lucky thing for me was I always knew exactly what I wanted to do. There was never any question. So for what I wanted to do I didn’t really have to go to college”