Elon Musk (Education)

Co-founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors, Founder of SpaceX

Undergraduate Education: Economics & Physics
Ph.D Education: Applied Physics (DROPOUT)

Musk began his college career at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. It is said that Musk picked Queen’s University over his other option, the University of Waterloo because there were prettier girls at Queen’s. At Queen’s, Musk used to sell computers and computer parts, he would also fix computers for people to earn some cash on the side. Musk also competed in public speaking contests. After two years at Queen’s, Musk transferred to the University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship. At his new school Musk had a more thrilling lifestyle where he would host huge parties at his house on most weekends and charge a five-dollar entrance fee. ¬†Musk finished his undergrad at the University of Pennsylavnia where he majored in physics as well as economics at the Wharton School. When considering what he wanted to get into after college, Musk was initially planning on pursuing his lifelong passion and getting involved in the video game industry. He then decided that he could not have a big enough impact on the world in that industry. Musk later returned to school to complete his PhD in applied physics at Stanford University but dropped out after just two days to join the tech world in California.¬†