Ingvar Kamprad (Education)

No University Education

Growing up in rural Sweden, Kamprad grew up as someone who had always worked to make a little extra money, doing things such as buying pencils in bulk and selling them at a higher price to his class mates and selling Christmas cards to people during the holidays.  Kamprad believed that what is more important than a formal education is enthusiasm about the business you want to start. Kamprad once said,  “If you work and do not feel incorrigible enthusiasm, consider that at least a third of your life has gone down the drain.”  Kamprad also learned a lot about business from his grandmother who helped bail out his family from debt which his grandfather owed when his business failed. After receiving good marks in school at age 17 despite suffering from dyslexia, Kamprad’s father gave him some money which was supposed to be used for his future studies. Instead, Kamprad used the money to open his business, IKEA.