Jordan Belfort (Education)

Founder Of Stratton Oakmont, Motivational Speaker

Undergraduate Education: Biology
Graduate Education: Dentistry (DROPOUT)

Belfort enrolled at the American University where he was a biology major. Once he graduated, Belfort enrolled in dentistry school, despite being pushed by his parents to study medicine. Belfort was accepted to Baltimore College’s Dental Program but dropped out after less than a week, after the dean said dentistry school is the wrong place to be in to make a lot of money as that period of time for dentists is over. After dropping out of dentistry school Belfort ran into an old acquaintance who Belfort believed was a complete “erstwhile loser”. This person had gone out to work on Wall Street and owned a Ferrari and yacht, Belfort decided if that guy could succeed on Wall Street than he absolutely can as well. Belfort’ career at Wall Street of course would earn him the title the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.