Karl Marx (Education)

Author Of The Communist Manifesto,

Undergraduate Education: Philosophy & Law
Ph.D Education: Philosophy

Marx studied at the University of Bonn where he was known as a rebel and a drinker. At Bonn, Marx joined the Poets Club and the Trier Tavern Club Drinking Society. Marx ended up becoming the Co-President of the Tavern Club. As Marx became more involved in student life his grades began to slip and he even participated in a duel, which led Marx’s father to pull him out of the school. Marx transferred to the University of Berlin where he was a law and philosophy major. While at Berlin, Marx began to become more politically active and he joined the Young Hegelians, a group of students who were highly critical of the political establishment at the time. Marx then went on to write his PhD in philosophy where he submitted a┬ápaper called The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature.