Larry Page (Education)

Co-Founder Of Google

Undergraduate Education: Computer Engineering
Graduate Education: Computer Engineering
Ph.D Education: Computer Science (DROPOUT)

Page enrolled at Michigan State University for his undergrad where he majored in computer engineering. During his undergrad it was said that Page was a risk taker and an innovator. For example, he once  built an inkjet printer out of Legos, because he wanted to be able to print really big images. He was the student that would be undertaking risky projects at school while all the other students would take safe boring projects to get a good mark. Page was also president of the Eta Kappa Nu fraternity. Page later went on to Stanford University where he received his masters degree in computer engineering. Page then remained at Stanford to pursue a Ph.D dergree in computer science. At Stanford he met Sergey Brin, the two had the idea to build a website that could allow users to easily access all the information on the web. Page eventually dropped out of his Ph.D program to work with Brin on their new idea fulltime.