Lloyd Blankfein (Education)

CEO Of Goldman Sachs

Undergraduate Education: History
Graduate Education: Law

Blankfein was accepted to Harvard on a scholarship and was not used to the Harvard atmosphere which consisted of many people from high social classes that went to prep-schools. During his undergrad Blankfein would often times procrastinate and wait until the last day to start studying for his exams, but despite that he was still a good student. Over time Blankfein became less insecure and more used to the higher paced environment of Harvard and became ambitious to succeed. In an interview about his early days Blankfein said; “Ambition is your inner voice that tells you you can and should strive to go beyond your circumstances or station in life. ¬†You have to overcome obstacles, pressures and self-doubt and you have done it because you have ambition. You want to succeed for your families and yourselves. And there is no more powerful force through which to do that than through education and know how.” Blankfein later went on to obtain his J.D. from Harvard Law School. After law school he took up some jobs in law to pay off his student loans but then decided he wanted to pursue a career in finance. He applied for several firms including Goldman Sachs, but he was rejected from Goldman, instead he worked for a few smaller firms one of which would later be acquired by Goldman.