Mark Zuckerberg (Education)

Co-Founder Of Facebook

Undergraduate Education: Psychology (DROPOUT)

Zuckerberg is one of the world’s most famous college dropout success stories. He attended Harvard University where he majored in psychology. He had identified an interest for computers at a young age. He would often times build new programs just for fun, and during his time at Harvard he enrolled in many computer science classes. At Harvard, Zuckerberg was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi fraternity. He also created several programs at Harvard before Facebook. At Harvard, Zuckerberg created a website called CourseMatch which would allow students to see what courses their friends were taking at school. Zuckerberg also started another website called Facemash, which would allow users to see pictures of girls who went to Harvard and the user would pick which of the two was more attractive. Facemash was a smash hit at Harvard and users grew very quickly but Zuckerberg got in a lot of trouble and was nearly kicked out of Harvard for hacking the school’s databases and offending many women at Harvard. Zuckerberg’s most famous project was Facebook, which like Facemash, took the Harvard student body by storm. After moving to California during the summer to work on Facebook, Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to focus his efforts on building Facebook. Zuckerberg has said that Facebook tells people what they want to know what is going on with people they care about which is human nature. He has said that Facebook is just as much about psychology as it is about technology.