Matt Damon (Education)

Actor, Writer

Undergraduate Education: English (DROPOUT)

Damon attended Harvard University where he majored in English. At Harvard, Damon was very involved in the theatre scene and participated in many on campus plays. In one of his classes Damon was supposed to hand in a one act play but instead Damon handed in a 40 paged script for the first act of a three-act movie. Damon at first thought he was going to fail the assignment but his professor was very encouraging and told him to pursue the movie idea and gave him an ‘A’ on the assignment. That script later turned into the movie Goodwill Hunting. Damon later would drop out of Harvard due to his rising acting career. In his own words Damon said, “What was happening is that I would keep coming back, and I would almost get done with the semester and then I would be yanked out.”