Natalie Portman (Education)

Actress, Director

Undergraduate Education: Psychology

Portman enrolled at Harvard University as an established, well-known actress. Portman majored in psychology. At Harvard she was very insecure that people would judge her, and think she only received an admission to the school because she was a celebrity. Portman also doubted herself at the beginning and did not think she would be able to write huge papers and complete large readings on a weekly basis. One of Portman’s professors said “It was very clear when she was a student that she was a very determined person and capable of focused effort over a sustained period.” Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “She was in my seminar called Neuropsychology and the Law, and I didn’t know who she was because her name was Natalie Hershlag. It was a few weeks into the semester that I learned she was an actress—but she was a terrific student.”