Nelson Mandela (Education)

Civil Rights Activist, Former President of South Africa)

Undergraduate Education: General Arts
Graduate Education: Law

Mandela began his academic career at the University of College of Fort Hare but was expelled for being a part of a student protest. After being expelled from Fort Hare, Mandela transferred to the University of South Africa where he finished off his general bachelor of arts degree, where he covered topics such as; English, anthropology, politics, and native administration. Mandela however, returned to Fort Hare for his graduation. He then went on to study at the University of Witwatersrand where he was enrolled in the school’s bachelor of law program. Mandela however had a tough time at Witwatersrand and ended up dropping out. Mandela returned to school 10 years later where he continued his bachelor of law degree at the University of London but Mandela dropped out of school yet again. Finally 27 years later Mandela finished off his bachelor of law degree at the University of South Africa.