Satya Nadella (Education)

CEO Of Microsoft

Undergraduate Education: Electrical Engineering
Graduate Education: Computer Science & Business

Nadella studied at the Manipal Institute of Technology where he majored in electrical engineering. After graduating from Manipal, Nadella went on to pursue his masters degree in computer science at the University of Wisconsin. Computer Science was the field he always wanted to pursue but it was not available for him at Manipal. Nadella has said that his desire to learn computer science stems from his passion for building things. After receiving his first masters degree in computer science, Nadella went on to receive his second masters degree in business administration from the University of Chicago. In an interview about Nadella, Nadella’s college roommate said, “Satya was meticulous; a perfectionist to the tee. I remember he would put in immense effort into project work, when we would not care too much about it. There was a seventh semester subject called Microprocessors which he enjoyed a lot. Satya was driven, always absorbing the most he could. He never hesitated in going to the staff for advice and inputs.”